David and Sheila Thomlinson were among the early enthusiasts of the Limousin breed, founding their Beeches Limousin herd in 1978. David has been auctioning pedigree Limousins for Harrison & Hetherington, Carlisle for more than two decades.


The Beeches Herd of Limousin cattle was founded in 1978 at Park View with the purchase of one cow from the noted late Dan Haak. Later, a further three females with calves at foot were added.

Fantasia (dam of Oakley Michelle and Oakley Nina) was bought with her first calf at foot, Uplands Olga, which sold as a heifer at auction for 3,200gns. Faience (dam of Wintershill Jupiter) went on to produce show winning cattle, including Beeches Sarah which earned success at local shows. Sarah’s progeny are still in the herd, and Indienne some of the herd’s best females go back to Indienne.

Beeches Limousin Heifers
Beeches Nova, Beeches Nell & Bowsland Osman

The herd now consists of 47 breeding cows together with followers. Very few females are bought in for the herd with replacements being home-bred. Surplus heifers for pedigree breeding are sold privately and through a strict selection policy heifers which are considered unsuitable for pedigree breeding are sold through the market as commercial sucklers.

Heifers are calved at three years old to allow plenty of growth and both bulls and females are generally long-lived. All cattle are housed in winter and receive a diet of home-grown barley and big bale silage, supplemented with concentrates and minerals.

Favourite Females in the Herd

  Uplands Elu  
Beeches Juniper
22nd February 1994
  Uplands Bobette
  Newby Vimto
  Beeches Cinnamon  
    Beeches Ursula

  Hengrave Buster  
Beeches Jonquil
13th May 1994
  Hengrave Peridot
  Broadmeadows Danielle  
    Broadmeadows Tanya

  Uplands Elu  
Beeches Ibiza
17th November 1993
  Uplands Bobette
  Ronick Bartissol
  Beeches Freda  
    Beeches Veda

Sons and daughters of Beeches Ibiza have sold up to 3,000gns.

The herd is Signet recorded, tested clear for TB and Johnes disease and vaccinated against BVD.

Cattle always available for sale


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